Here's just a sample of some of the projects we have worked on....

Beauty Business

Carly has ran her own beauty business for 12 years. She has relied on word of mouth and recommendation to get clients.

Most of the clients using 'Carlys Beauty' are evening clients who work during the day. Carly wanted to get away from working evening and only work during the day.

We came up with a plan to suit Carlys business and help her gain clients during the day.

  • Build a website - The business did not have a website. We built a easy to use website that showcased Carlys treatments. She wanted an easy to use website, that looked attractive and modern. ikandu created the business website taking into consideration Carlys business and clients.
  • Active Facebook page - Carlys Beauty had a facebook page that was not being used to its full potential. ikandu now manage the updates to the page and the followers have already increased by 30%

With the website and facebook up and running we were able to run a small marketing campaign to target day time clients.

ikandu continues to support Carlys business on a daily basis providing website updates, blogging on behalf of the business and social media updates. The future plan is to add an online booking system to the website also.

I love my website and so do my clients, Jaime really understood what I was looking for and delivered it in speedy time! With the help of ikandu I am now able to have an up to date website and social media! thank you.
— Carly Steed


Construction Company

Jim Smith is the owner of a growing Construction company. He has worked as a sole trader for over 10 years. Business recently started to grow as more people chose to renovate their homes rather than move. Jim took on contractors to help him as and when required, however he was struggling to stay on top of his suppliers, accounts and phone calls. At the end of a long day of manual work Jim was having to spend hours chasing invoice payments, returning calls to customers and chasing suppliers. He was getting complaints from customers that he was not returning their calls and missing appointments.

Jim came to ikandu for advice on how we could help his business. Initially we sat down with Jim and discussed what was causing him problems, how he was currently dealing with the issues and what he wanted to achieve. After spending some time getting to know the business and how Jim works, we came up with a solution adapted to Jims business.

Accounts – Jim was running his accounts on a spreadsheet, it was not giving him what he required and taking too much of his time. We went through options until we agreed on an accounts package that met all of Jims requirements. He now has a correct and detailed view of his income and outgoings.

Invoices – Jim had everything on paper, making it more effort on his part to get payment for jobs. We set up an easy online invoicing system to save him time, we also archived and organised all the old invoices, to give Jim a paperless office.

Enquiries – We added an enquiry link to the website which then sent an email to Jim’s account and ikandu account. We are now able to deal with the enquiries on Jim’s behalf to ensure all customers get a response.

Telephone - The telephone calls reduced due to people using the email option from the website.  Jim also now forwards his calls to ikandu while he is busy on site and on holiday to ensure all calls are answered and followed up.

Social Media – The business was not using social media. Jim wanted to use it to show case his work. He now has social media, he takes photos on his phone sends them to us and we upload and maintain his social media and website.



Start up company - office set up

We were approached by a local start-up company. They required a physical office location, office management systems and processes to be put in place.

We worked closely with the Director ensuring we had a clear idea of his requirements. He was extremely busy building the business and could not spend the endless hours searching for premises, so we did that for him! Presenting him with three options after all the leg work had been done. We made the arrangements for him to see the offices and a he was given a clear cost comparison against budget.

Once the location was chosen we were then able to take over the logistics of the set up and ensure the office was ready to work from day one. From furnishing the office to arrange the IT and telephone infrastructure, all to the agreed specification and budget. We dealt with all the suppliers which saved the Director valuable time.

The company required an onsite receptionist/administrator/office manager type role. We managed the recruitment process for the permanent member of staff, searching CV’s and carrying out the first round of interviews, then we presented the director with a choice of the best three candidates. It was extremely important to get the correct person, this was a small business and needed someone dedicated and attentive, who wanted to be part of this new venture.

Once the director had decided on the Office Manager, we worked with her to ensure all the correct systems and processes where in place to keep the business running smoothly.

The result was the company being set up and operational in their new premises, the new Office Manager was able to hit the ground running and we were there for support. The Director was able to carry on growing his business while the office set up was taking place knowing it was being taken care of.