Start up company

We were approached by a local start-up company. They required a physical office location, office management systems and processes to be put in place.

We worked closely with the Director ensuring we had a clear idea of his requirements. He was extremely busy building the business and could not spend the endless hours searching for premises, so we did that for him! Presenting him with three options after all the leg work had been done. We made the arrangements for him to see the offices and a he was given a clear cost comparison against budget.

Once the location was chosen we were then able to take over the logistics of the set up and ensure the office was ready to work from day one. From furnishing the office to arrange the IT and telephone infrastructure, all to the agreed specification and budget. We dealt with all the suppliers which saved the Director valuable time.

The company required an onsite receptionist/administrator/office manager type role. We managed the recruitment process for the permanent member of staff, searching CV’s and carrying out the first round of interviews, then we presented the director with a choice of the best three candidates. It was extremely important to get the correct person, this was a small business and needed someone dedicated and attentive, who wanted to be part of this new venture.

Once the director had decided on the Office Manager, we worked with her to ensure all the correct systems and processes where in place to keep the business running smoothly.

The result was the company being set up and operational in their new premises, the new Office Manager was able to hit the ground running and we were there for support. The Director was able to carry on growing his business while the office set up was taking place knowing it was being taken care of.