Time management as a business owner

What are the reasons you set up your business?

For many it is to be in more control of time. To work when you want, go on holiday and spend time with friends and family when it suits you; not your boss. That and your hard work is paid off directly to you, rather than making someone else richer.

So why is it as business owners we find ourselves ‘catching up’ on work when we should be spending our time with family and enjoying the lifestyle having your own business brings.


Surveys say small and medium size business owners spend nearly 3 hours per day on tasks such as admin and HR. If we could balance that time better and get those 3 hours back, what a difference it would make!

We offer admin and PA services for this exact reason. To give business owners like you, time back.

Tasks such as; social media posts, website updates, HR issues, payroll, recruiting staff, typing documents, ordering products. Are ticked off your to do list as we help/

Get in touch for a free chat, let us know a bit more about you and your business. Packages start from just £50 per month.