Should you be using social media for your business?

How important is it to use social media for your business?

I was at a network meeting recently when the question came up, around half of those attending did not use social media to its full potential to gain more business. The general feeling was that they would rather gain new business through recommendations not social media.

Recommendations are the best way to gain new business there is no doubt about that, however are we losing out by thinking this means we do not have to use social media?

To promote/talk too or stay in touch with existing clients - Sending out updates via social media can be a quicker way of reaching your clients and reminding them of your services, its an easy way of saying 'hello, we are still here!'

Recommendation - It makes it easy for your clients to recommend your services over facebook/twitter or similar. People like the simplicity of checking out a page and then linking back to websites. Often people put up a status 'Does anyone know a good photographer/plumber/Beautician'

Increase brand awareness - Get people recognising your brand, many customers look to social media for news on new products and services. If customers are not seeing the business on social media then they may questions its credibility.

For small businesses the issue can come with the updating and amount of effort involved in being successful on social media. There are solutions to help with these issues and services on offer.

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