Networking the Jelly Effect way

Those of you who know what 'The Jelly Effect' is then you would have read this insightful book by Andy Bounds. If you have no idea what 'the Jelly Effect' is then you need to get this book!!

The author helps you understand the art of networking and gives great advice of best practices. It is simple, clear and easy to remember. My favourite piece is when Andy Bounds explains the importance of doing your homework before the event. He points out if you ask the event organiser for a guest list beforehand, you can checkout the companies represented and who you should be looking to speak too. This will help you focus on speaking to the right people and increase your chance of success.

The book is about teaching you effective communication, giving useful relevant information without 'flicking jelly and hoping that some of it sticks' and we all know what it is like too be jellied!

Andy outlines clever ways to get in and out of conversations without having to say 'Do you know where the toilet is?'

With some business books, reading them can be like information overload and you finish it remembering only a small part. 'The Jelly Effect' is written so you can dip in and out, no need to read in one go! Genius.

What do you think of the Jelly Effect for networking? Is it working for you?