Is your website up to date??

For small businesses the importance of updating your website may be over looked when your get caught up with day to day activities.

You may not realise that by updating your site you are will attract more custom.

For example a restaurant showing last years Christmas menu in May is not impressive is it? . The customer may think that because they can't be bothered to update their website, they can't be bothered with their food either.

Search engines like up to date websites, they will rank higher which will bring more customers your way.

A website is the small business tool to showcase the best bits about their business. Special offers, deal of the month, testimonials, case studies, awards, keeping all these elements up to date will help grow and develop your business.

Your website is your customers first point of call, their first impression of your business and we all know the importance of first impressions. Having the site continually current and on point shows you are an organised company who are worth doing business with.

Once your website is created it may only need a hour or two a month spent updating it. If you are not managing to fit this in with all the other tasks then consider outsourcing it. By doing this you will ensure your presence on the Internet is continually up to date and customers see your latest work, deals and offers.

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