Are you wearing too many hats??

As someone in business what hat have you got on today?

When you work for yourself or run a small business sometimes it can feel like you need to be an expert in everything: A web designer, a brand design expert, a social media marketeer, a accountant, a lawyer, an administrator, a photographer, the list goes on!

We are all aware of the importance of social media for building a business, our website being 'user friendly', making sure we know the latest legislation and not getting behind with our accounts. But, these things are hard to stay on top of when trying to run a business day to day.

I recently spoke to a small business owner about improving and gaining more business, she was putting so much pressure on herself to be a good at everything. She is a Therapist, an expert in her field, has loyal clients and a fantastic reputation in her industry. My answer to her was 'You are an expert at what you do ,do you think a web designer could do your job?'

Some people are able to do it all, good for them! But most of us cannot and that is OK.

If we want to we can learn, do an online course or tutorial, go to a workshop and learn from a professional. Or we can ask for help from 'experts' and outsource areas that are not our strength. Giving you more time to  concentrate on what you are best at.... building your business!

Are you also putting pressure on yourself to do everything for you business?