Small business support: Virtual Assistant or Personal Assistant?

When your business is getting busy and you need an extra ‘you’ to take care of everyday tasks, what do you do?

Traditionally you would hire an assistant, a PA or an admin support person to help you.

What about another option? A more cost effective option?

A Virtual Assistant or VA for short, they can bring you the expertise of a highly experienced Executive Assistant that is more cost effective and with less commitment than a permanent member of staff.

When it comes to a PA, you are responsible for paying their salary as agreed in the contract of employment. In addition, as a small business you have the costly commitment of employer’s national insurance, sickness pay, holiday pay, maternity/paternity pay and not forgetting the equipment they need to use, it all has to be funded. Not to mention the agency fees for the placement of your PA.

A Virtual Assistant is normally an entrepreneur, working alone or with other likeminded business owners. Your business is treated as their business resulting in your receiving an extremely high standard of service. In most cases you will be charged in small increments of time meaning you are not paying for coffee breaks and lunch hours.

If you are still not seeing the joys of a VA versus a PA, there is another benefit of the cost being tax deductible as it is falls under ‘allowable expenses’!

Tasks you could outsource to a VA include; Social media updates, mail out to clients, invoice generating and chasing, bookkeeping, data entry, managing telephone calls, organising email inbox, internet searches the list goes on!

So why not start building a relationship with your own VA?

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