Flexible working… Are businesses catching on?

Is working from home or using a mobile device now acceptable to employers or is it still a taboo?

A person having a permanent desk in an office is the second largest cost to their employers after their salary! For small businesses this cost can be excessive.

Some businesses are dealing with this by setting up hot desks and shared desk space which helps but is it enough? Should flexible working be taking it a step further?

It was all too obvious when I was working in an open plan office that it does not work…

You have a deadline, really need to get this done, so you want to get your head down and get on with it. But you can’t….
People are interrupting you, after all they don’t know the pressure you are under and their problem is more important that yours!
Then to top it off, the person three desks down has to take a conference call on speaker because there are no meeting rooms free! Argh!!...to think I commuted nearly 2 hours to experience this!

Could it be time to move on from the open plan office as we know it now?

Become more flexible, have more hot desks, Pods for conference calls, get rid of all desktop computer, instead working on laptops from a shared desk. There are many companies already doing this, they have had to change their attitude towards flexible working as well as the furniture.

More employers now need to embrace the flexibility that working from home, being mobile, on client site or in a co-working space can provide. It can be such a benefit to the employer; two staff per one desk which will give them a huge cost saving. Healthier and happier workers that will be more loyal and less likely to leave. For this to happen successfully, time needs to be spent ensuring it is adapted to suit each employee. Maybe they could work from home when they have those tight deadlines? One week in each month? There are so many more options.

Some would say this would break the ‘team’ and the years spent building it. And others may say that they like to see their staff and know they are working.

I say we need to keep up, that problems can be overcome… more importantly other companies need to keep up if they are to retain good quality staff.

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