When there is no one to talk too

If you are in business as a sole trader, one man band, start up, freelancer or something similar you will know what it is like to have no one to talk to. And I don't mean to discuss last night’s television, even though at times that would be a start! I mean for that idea you just had or that strange email you received, when you question yourself, is it a good idea? Should I reply? You may think your epic idea is a winning one but will others? When keeping yourself motivated every day is getting you down....

When you choose to work for yourself you want freedom, choices and to be in control of your own future, but can that be achieved completely alone? Surely we need other people around us to run an idea past or for those  'have a quick read of this' moments? We all know the importance of getting another person’s view, but it is not always easy.

Here is one solution for you, surround yourself with likeminded individuals, maybe not every day but have people there that understand you, understand your business and are interested in what you have to say. Networking in your space is key to meeting these people, build relationships and this can only benefit you as an individual and your business.  Staying in touch with ex colleagues, the genuine ones, not the two faced ones! Those people that know your skills and how you perform as a business person, those that want to see you succeed.

When there is no one to talk too? Build up your network so next time there is someone to run that idea past.